How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

Moving a heavy bed on the carpet is muscle involving task, especially when you want to avoid causing any damage to your furniture or your carpet.

In many cases, it may seem easier to just leave the bed in its current location and rearrange the rest of the room.

However, if you need to move the bed to a new location or rearrange your bedroom, then you’ll need to follow a set of steps to ensure that you can move the bed without damaging it or denting your carpet.

The key benefits of following the outlined steps include the ability to move your bed safely and efficiently, which can save you time, effort, and money.

Moving a heavy bed without a plan can result in injuries or accidents, and may also damage your home’s flooring or the bed itself.

Moving a bed is a common task that many people have to do at some point in their lives. Reason for moving the bed can be to clean the underneath or to refresh your living space and create a new layout that can improve the functionality and aesthetics of your bedroom.

Replacing the bed completely can also be another reason for one moving a heavy bed.


Before moving a heavy bed on the carpet, prepare for the move to ensure that it goes smoothly and without any problems. Here are the key steps to follow during the preparation stage

1. Gather all necessary tools and equipment for the move

Moving a heavy bed requires specific tools and equipment to ensure that it can be done safely and efficiently.

 Some essential tools and equipment to gather include furniture sliders, a drill, screwdrivers, and wrenches.

How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

You may also need straps or ropes to help lift the bed frame, depending on its weight.

2. Identify the best path to move the bed through

Plan the route through which you will move the bed from its current location to the new one.

Measure the width of the doorways and hallways to ensure that the bed can fit through easily.

Identify any potential obstacles, such as low-hanging light fixtures or tight corners, that may need to be addressed before the move.

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3. Clear the pathway and remove any obstacles

Before moving the bed, it’s essential to clear the pathway to ensure that you can move the bed without any problems.

Remove any objects, such as rugs, furniture, or plants, that may get in the way of the bed.

Ensure that the pathway is free of any debris or obstacles that may cause the bed to tip or become unstable during the move.

Disassembling the Bed

This will help make the bed lighter and easier to move. It is easier to carry a heavy bed in parts rather than as one. If you happen to be alone and with no one to assist in the relocation, disassembling makes work for you more accessible and possible.

1. Remove the bedding and mattress from the bed

 Before disassembling the bed frame, remove all bedding and the mattress from the bed. This will make it easier to move the bed frame, and it will also prevent any bedding from getting damaged during the move.

How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

2. Take apart the bed frame and headboard

Using the appropriate tools, take apart the bed frame and headboard into manageable pieces.

Start by unscrewing the legs from the bed frame and then unscrew any other supporting parts.

If your bed has a headboard, unscrew it from the bed frame as well. Make sure to keep track of all the screws and small parts, and label them if needed.

How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

3. Label and organize all the screws and small parts

As you disassemble the bed frame and headboard, keep all the screws and small parts together in a container.

Label each part and screw so that you know which parts belong to which section of the bed frame.

This will help you reassemble the bed frame more efficiently and will prevent any loss of parts during the move.

Lifting and Moving the Bed

Once you have disassembled the bed, it’s time to lift and move it to its new location.

1. Slide a furniture slider under each leg of the bed frame

If the parts are still heavy to move, consider using a slider to ensure your carpet is protected from damage.

To make it easier to move the bed, slide a furniture slider under each leg of the bed frame.

Furniture sliders are designed to reduce friction between the bed frame and the carpet, making it easier to move the bed.

How To Move a Heavy Bed on Carpet

2. Ask for assistance and lift the bed frame onto the slider

Heavy bed frames can be difficult to move, so it’s essential to ask for assistance from another person.

Lift the bed frame onto the furniture sliders, making sure that all the legs are evenly positioned on the sliders.

3. Slide the bed frame slowly along the pathway to its new location

Slowly slide the bed frame along the pathway to its new location. Keep the bed frame level and steady to prevent any damage to the bed frame or the surrounding area.

Take breaks as needed to avoid straining yourself or the other person assisting you.

4. Reassemble the bed frame and headboard in the new location

Once the bed frame is in its new location, reassemble it using the screws and parts you labeled earlier.

Start by assembling the legs, add the supporting parts, and finally, attach the headboard. Make sure that all parts are securely fastened before placing the mattress and bedding on the bed frame.

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Precautions to take during the process

Follow the following precautions to ensure the task is successful as you expected.

  1. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear: Wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing and sturdy, slip-resistant footwear to prevent accidents and falls during the move.
  2. Use proper lifting techniques: When lifting the bed frame onto the furniture sliders, use your legs to lift rather than your back to avoid straining your back muscles.
  3. Ask for assistance: Moving a heavy bed on a carpet can be challenging, so it’s essential to ask for help from another person. This will make the process easier, and it will also reduce the risk of injury.
  4. Protect the carpet: To protect the carpet, lay down a sheet of cardboard or drop cloth over the pathway where the bed frame will be moved.
  5. Take breaks as needed: Moving a heavy bed on the carpet can be physically demanding, so take breaks as needed to prevent exhaustion or injury.
  6. Inspect the bed frame for damage: Before reassembling the bed frame, inspect it for any damage or lose parts. If there is any damage, fix it before reassembling the bed frame.